The Firm

SANJIV TANDON ARCHITECTS is a design focused, modern architectural practice based in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. Established in 1993 we are a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. Functionality and aesthetics being prime focus in our design solutions, we are widely recognized for our highly individual and environment friendly approach to design.

Successful combination of good client service and innovative cost-effective designs has led to high level of client satisfaction and as a result returning patronage, that now forms the cornerstone of the practice.

SANJIV TANDON ARCHITECTS has accomplished over 500 commissions–corporate / commercial / residential / institutional buildings, hotels and resorts throughout India and abroad. Our team of highly trained and immensely talented individuals, along with our 3 decades of experience and technical capabilities equips us to undertake large scale projects from initialization to realization.

Design Philosophy

We seek out realistic possibilities , practical solutions and efficient systems keeping creativity at the helm. We are committed to support our client’s business objectives by enhancing the performance and quality of their environment.

We believe in a positive union between natural and built environment. Use of indigenous materials innovatively , keeping the sense of place inherent in each site , helps us achieve holistic design solution for each project.

We interpret our clients’ tangible and intangible needs into unique, innovative, well-crafted “green” buildings and landscapes, hence creating sustainable architecture. Also as contemporary architects we utilize state-of-the-art technology, yet our firm is intentionally small to allow each member of the project team to work closely and personally with our clients.

Sanjiv Tandon , the founder of the firm has done his graduation in architecture in the year 1990 from National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India. Immediately after graduating he joined as an architect with a reputed design firm in Delhi. He subsequently worked as a senior project architect with a firm headed by Mr. Anil Verma, a noted designer and an AGA Khan award recipient for a stint of about 3 years. After getting a wide exposure on numerous big assignments he started his own practice in 1993. His ideas and design therapies got wide appreciation throughout these years. His works further got noticed around the year 2000 and catapulted him to the level of success as a professional in this field.

Design to Sanjiv is a way of life. His designs invoke a sense of belonging, pride, inspiration and motivation. Now with almost 3 decades of design experience, he anchors the firm with leadership and design talent specializing in corporate, commercial and mixed use, residential, hotel, resort and recreational projects. As the managing director, he plays a leading role in determining the firm’s long-term mission and goals.

Poonam Tandon , the co-founder of the firm has achieved an engineering degree in computer science in the year 1992. She started her career as a software developer in the firm “DCM Data Products “. The entrepreneurial streak in her made her start her own firm “Z-AXIS”, diversifying into graphics and eventually specializing in architectural presentations. She is one of the few pioneers in this field, in Delhi. She got a wide exposure working with numerous architects and big architectural firms during a stint of 5 years, like Sonali Bhagwati, Sorabh Dallal, Sarabjeet Singh, Sunil Kumar Dey, Anil Sharma, Robin Matharoo and Renu Mathroo. Eventually she set her own architectural firm with Architect Sanjiv Tandon. Sanjiv’s design ideas and therapies augmented with Poonam’s graphics expertise helped them bag numerous prestigious architectural projects under their firm. Poonam being cognizant of the importance of latest technology, ensures competent workmanship for meeting the astounding design goals of the firm.

With more than 30 years of experience as professionals and complementing areas of expertise, the two have managed to lead this team towards great success and the abilities to think as environment and future ready architects.

Our Team

  • Mr. Sanjeev Ahlawat
    Mr. Sanjeev Ahlawat Senior Project Architect
  • Mr. Sanjay Arora
    Mr. Sanjay Arora Senior Design Architect
  • Mr. Manoj Kumar
    Mr. Manoj Kumar Senior Architect
  • Mr. Rajesh Roy
    Mr. Rajesh Roy Senior Associate Architect
  • Mr. Pushkar Bahri
    Mr. Pushkar Bahri Project Architect
  • Ms. Arshiya
    Ms. Arshiya Junior Architect
  • Mr. Kapil Roy
    Mr. Kapil Roy Senior 3d Visualizer
  • Mr. Radhe Shyam
    Mr. Radhe Shyam Engineer - Quality Surveyor

Key Support Staff

  • Mr. Amit Verma
    Mr. Amit Verma EA to Managing Director
  • Mr. Sakal Dev
    Mr. Sakal Dev Admin Executive
  • Ms.Neeru Bhagat
    Ms.Neeru Bhagat Accounts Manager











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( M.E.P. )

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